Skillful Ease as a Realtor

We've returned today from 3 weeks in our wonderful Harwich home---and I want you to know that we thought of you many times while we were there. We toasted you with wine and spoke your name with enthusiasm (and a hint of reverence) to our friends who visited.....we do hope that someday they will join us at the Cape and you can help them find a wonderful home as well.

Thank you for all of your time and efforts on our behalf. Thank you for your skillful ease as a realtor. And perhaps most of all, thank you for paying attention to who we are and what we wanted in a house...you're really good at that!

"Our Realtor"

Tom Schade and Deb Grover:

”Our Realtor" Our journey began in August 2005 when we saw a house for sale in Orleans. Over the next 2 years and 9 months, through 3 other people's accepted, then failed offers, 5 offers of our own and enough trials and tribulations to fill a book, we finally closed on that house. Through it all our realtor spent countless hours, gave us informed advice and most importantly, listened to our needs and concerns.

So how do you thank someone who has been the consummate professional? What recognition should be given to the most accessible and dedicated person we could have selected? We chose this public acknowledgement. It is with much gratitude that we say "Thank you Dee Sullivan." Best wishes on your continued success!

Professional Commitment An Asset

Sally and Kerry Dolan:

“ We are writing to let you know how pleased we have been with the services of Dee and Don Sullivan. Throughout the process of listing and selling our home, Dee was always available, honest & communicative. She always went the extra mile. Her professional expertise and commitment is an asset to your company. She made the process of selling our home less stressful and we are pleased to recommend her and your company to others marketing their property.”

Dee & Don most highly recommended!

Tom & Julie Byrne:

If we know of anyone interested in buying or selling real estate in the future, we will recommend Dee and Don most highly!

Dee and Don a Delight to Work With

David & Judith Andersen:

Frequency and timeliness of communications, accessibility and returning phone calls quickly was exceptional. Exceptional in all aspects of customer service. We would refer family and friends.

Joseph and Dorothy Bonin:

Dee and Don, you have been a delight to work with. You were honest, professional, and treated us with a genuine sincerity that is hard to find these days.”

Thank you Sullivans

Skip Rozen:

I had scoured real estate fliers and found nothing, and so was apprehensive when I approached Dee and Don Sullivan for help. My secret fear was that I would have to settle for, well, just a house. But when we began looking, they sensed my concern. Somehow—I’m still not sure how—they got me to explain just what I was seeking. Not so much the specific look but the feel that I wanted in the house and the setting. And then, much to my shock, they found it, a house that spoke to me, that welcomed me. It’s been over a year, and I know every day that I am home. Thanks, Sullivans.